You are a colorful thinker, a cross-thinker, a new-thinker, a dream-thinker, a future-thinker, a creative-thinker, a visionary-thinker, different-thinker, out-of-the-box-thinker: Questions are free. The first meeting is on us.


Are you looking to buy a company? Are you going to take over the family business? You are gazing at the idea, but are still undecided? We analyse the company’s “heart and soul” and check the facts. We provide you with the perfect financing & Businessplans. How it works? Questions are free. The first meeting is on us.

& Sales

The perfect product, in the perfect place, at the perfect time. Is that how easy Marketing & Distribution can be? Think again! A great marketing concept, mature sales strategies, the right approach to your target groups determines your success. Banks demand an ingenious concept and “to be found” is the magic word to success. We can show you how to do this. Questions are free. The first meeting is on us.

Be your own Boss

The time is ripe to “be your own boss”. Low interest rates, unique opportunities for creative and courageous entrepreneurs, we implement your visions. Plants and successors, business start-ups, Purchassing companies or transferring companies to the next generation.
Taking your company to the future, new ways to go, cross-thinking and an exceptional marketing on top, that is our main focus.
Starting with start-up ideas, a financing plan, a subsidy check, a preparation business plan, grants to the development of your business idea, we will go with you into your future.
Don’t waist too much time. Questions are free and the first contact is on us.

Free funding check

There are more than 6,000 federal, state and EU funding programs that we can activate for you. Our network maintains contacts, among others, with KfW Bank, Federal Ministry of Economics, L-Bank, LFA Förderbank, for further information, please click here. In order to apply for the appropriate funding or support for the company or the take-over company, please fill out the form. Upon receipt and verification of your information, we will provide you with a free feedback-consulting.


To the Future!

The path to successful self-employment begins with us. The future has never been so rich and never as rainbow-like-colorful as now. Cheap loans and subsidies for business start-ups, consulting grants for start up companies, company succession or company purchase. We are your business seniors for your step into your self-employment. From the business idea to the implementation. Your self-employment needs a good idea, contacts, money and, of course, the right marketing & Sales concept. Our unique feature: On the one hand, we provide expertise from the banking sector, while at the same time we offer creative marketing & Sales strategies. This connection makes us unbeatable. We are all over 50. We are active across all sectors. We are visionary. We give your future the “drive”. We are an unbeatable team.

Marketing & Sales

An ingenious marketing and a successful distribution is the most important component of the entire company concept. It includes detailed corporate planning to implement customer and market-oriented sales & Marketing activities. The Plan is divided into five phases.